Why did we start UNIVERSE CLOTHING?

It all started with the simple realization that pool has a bad reputation. When people think of pool, they think of smoky, loud, dive bars with pool tables. They don’t think of the sport and performance aspect of pool, they just think of it as a bar game. That hurts the sport, because it prevents us from attracting new people to the sport and new companies to the industry.

So the question then became: why is that the case and how do we change it? Pool didn’t always use to have a bad reputation. It used to be on TV fairly frequently. And at some point, pool just took a wrong turn. What I remember from watching those old videos is that the players looked distinguished at the table. They always wore dress shirts, dress pants and they looked and acted very professional. Nowadays, when you go into a pool hall, you’ll see most people wearing Tee shirts saying things like “Hustler”, which is how the general public perceives pool players in the first place. I think that is a big problem for our sport. We promote that aspect of the game; we reinforce what the general public thinks of us. There is gambling and drinking in every sport, but that’s not what they promote, that’s not what they focus on and show everyone.

This is not an attack on any of my competitors. There are companies like FAIR GAME or FOCUSED APPAREL that I think contribute to giving pool a better image. Those company names promote good values for the sport, and I think that’s what we should try to do. That’s why I started UNIVERSE, to try and change the general’s public perception of pool. It all starts with presentation. If we can look and act more professional, we will get more respect and attract new comers to the sport. This is how we grow. As more people and companies get involved in the sport, it allows us to put together more tournaments, big and small, amateurs and pros alike. But we need funds for that. And we need the companies involved in this industry to succeed: the cue makers, the table companies, the cloth companies, the clothing companies, etc… As they get more successful, they can create new products that will benefit the sport and keep it moving forward.

In my opinion, it all starts with literally changing the image of pool, which in turn will help change the general public’s perception of pool. That’s what UNIVERSE is all about. It isn’t just a clothing company, it is a project. But we need your help to make it a success. If you believe in what we’re doing and you want to help, please participate in our crowd funding effort. Any amount will help. We cannot do this without you. It is time to see if this industry is ready for a change. Let’s see what we can do together to improve the status of pool.

As always, please get involved, spread the word and keep on playing!

Nick Bashizi
Founder and CEO