Jeremy Miller:
"I wear my Nike Dry Fit  Polo and they do nothing for the sport of Billiards! 
Thank you for all UNIVERSE is doing to support the sport of Billiards and growth of Billiards"

Antonio Rodriguez:
Hello Nick, The shirt was awsome fits real comfortable and I wore it a local tournament to test the durability of the shirts while you play, and it was exactly what I read on your site that the shirt will feel. Cant wait for more products to come out and I will give the word out in helping promote your product to all my pool playing friends.  Just need to buy more product so they can see being that I was the first on in Ventura County to sport your gear. Great job I hope the feed back works for you and again I cantwait for more of your product. Thanks again for the professional package and look that it came in. 

Heath Reynolds:
Got shirt today......it's awesome great design and fit....I'll order another when more stock comes in.

Kelly Mitchell:
The designs are clean and original, the material is soft and comfortable. I have a really tough time finding shirts that not only fit well but are comfortable to shoot in and these tee's are by far at the top of my list. I have two tee's and counting! I cant wait to see what you come out with next. This will be the next big thing is billiards apparel.

Steve Maslanik:
Hi Nick,
My Team and I had a great time at the EXPO this pas weekend, and that is in part thanks to you. Our Team struggled and ultimately didn't do well. BUT, after I met you, we checked out your line of clothing and on Sunday we grabbed up shirts for our team. Chris took the time to outfit all of us and in the middle of all that, Johnny Archer came by and hung out for a bit. He answered questions about chalk, drills, just goofy stuff that u would wanna ask a Pro...Took pictures with us! It was a great experience that salvaged our weekend!!
Thank you!!!
Chris asked us to keep in touch about an upcoming women's line as we have two girls on our Team. I'm very anxious to keep in touch and see new product!
Thank you again for all your efforts in the game we all love! Keep up the great work!!

Brian Gibbs:
Everything is great. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you guys and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thanks Again for all the fantastic customer support. 
You guys need more exposure and I am more than willing to help however I can. All of you are great people and I was thoroughly impressed with meeting you all.  

Robert Huggins:
Just got my order and I'm very impressed. Super high quality shirts and the printing is great. I'll definitely be picking up more stuff soon. Keep up the good work.